The types of natural-fibre rope supplied

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You are welcome to ring me for advice or just to discuss your project on:

07813 832693

Or email me:

Or write to me at:
The Traditional Rope Company
26, The Street, Hindolveston, Norfolk NR20 5BU

If you would like to visit to look at the ropes and discuss your project you do need to ring first please, to arrange a day and time.

We attend a number of craft and plant fairs each year where you can see some of the things we make and talk to me about the rope we supply. If you are coming to look at particular types of rope for your projects please email in advance and I'll makes sure I have the right samples with me.

Events are free unless otherwise stated.

Creake Abbey Spring Gift Fair
Saturday 11th April 2020 at Creake Abbey, North Creake, Norfolk NR21 9LF
10 am to 4pm
Our first event for 2020 is a return to Creake Abbey for the Spring Gift Fair - always a good way to start the craft fair season.








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