The types of natural-fibre rope supplied

At the Traditional Rope Company I specialise in the supply of top quality natural-fibre ropes including Manila, Sisal, Flax or Hemp, Coir and Cotton. I'll help you decide what you need, you can order the rope you want, cut to the length you require and I will send it direct to your door.

If you are looking for Manila rope for rose swags or clematis support, a rope and post fence, a rope balustrade round a decking, maybe some Sisal to overhaul your cat's scratching post or a soft, Flax, banister rope the Traditional Rope Company will be happy to supply exactly what you have been looking for.

Not sure how you could use natural-fibre rope in your garden? Well browse the gallery at Suggested Uses of Natural-fibre Rope and you will find many pictures to provide inspiration.

We also have a range of rope crafts for sale. They are all hand made by ourselves here in Norfolk using Flax, Manila and Jute from our stock of natural fibre ropes. Visit our Square Shop (above right) or email us to buy our crafts.

If you need friendly advice on the right natural-fibre rope to use, or there is a particular rope you have been searching for, then just ask and I’ll do my best to help.

The links on the left will hopefully answer many of your questions but feel free to ring, write or email, details are on the contact page. We attend several events each year and these are also listed on our contacts page.

Neil Gladwell

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