Manila Kringle Mat

Named after the signs outside pastry shops in Denmark, the Kringle mat can be used as a doormat or wall hanging. We make them in two sizes. The smaller one makes a great trivet or place mat.

Large Manila Kringle Mat £45 plus £5 delivery.
Small Kringle Mat £15 plus £3.00 delivery.

Flax Table Runner

This is a variation on the Flax Trivet Mat. Using a prolong knot to extend the length we have created a trivet style mat for the centre of a table. This stylish mat will help protect your table from hot serving dishes. It measures approximately 78cm by 23cm.

£40 + £5 delivery.


Manila Doormats

Our Manila doormat is an Ocean Plait mat, made using a basket weave knot. 12mm Manila doormats measure approximately 60 cm by 38 cm (24" by 15"). 

12mm Manila doormat £35 + £5 delivery.
14mm Manila doormat £45 + £5 delivery.


Door Mat Kits

Our doormat kit comes in a presentation Hessian drawstring bag with an ocean plait motif on the front. The kit contains a length of 12mm Manila rope, whipping twine for finishing the ends and step by step instructions for making the door mat. It would make an unusual present for someone who likes a challenge.

£30 plus £5 delivery.


Our Monkey's Fist doorstops are made from Manila or Flax. The Manila doorstop has a weight inside it but the Flax one is heavy enough with just the weight of the rope.

18mm Manila doorstop £35 plus £3.00 delivery
18mm Flax doorstop £40 plus £3.00 delivery.

Strings of Flax Flowers

String flower garlandThese delicate-looking flowers are made from Flax thread to form a string or garland to hang up. We can make flower strings to any length for you to decorate your walls or windows. Each flower measures approximately 9cm across.

Calculate the cost of the Flax flower string at 75p per flower. Delivery is 76p for strings of up to 10 flowers.

Jute Coasters

Made from 6mm Jute rope in a Carrick knot, these drinks coasters measure 14cm across. They are very decorative as part of a table setting and also look great hanging on the wall.

£4.00 each + 76p delivery


Trivet Mats

Trivet mats are a woven ocean plait mat made from Flax rope, the same design as the Manila doormat. They measure about 32cm by 20cm and make an efficient table protector for standing casserole dishes, serving plates, etc.

£16.00 + £3.00 delivery.


Place Mats and Coasters

We make Carrick knot place mats with matching drinks coasters from Flax yarn. The place mats measure approximately 21cm across. The coasters are 10cm in diameter.

Flax placemats are £10.00 each. Flax coasters are £3.00 each.

Delivery is £1.22 for Carrick knot place mats and 76p for Carrick knot coasters.

Umbrella Stands

Painted metal flower buckets wrapped in 14mm Manila rope make unusual umbrella stands. Although the bucket "linings" are light the weight of the rope ensures that they are stable and don't easily fall over when in use. We think they make attractive vases for tall stemmed flowers, too. The linings are either green or lilac and the umbrella stand is 42cm tall.

£28 each plus £10 delivery.

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A note about delivery charges
We use Royal Mail for small items and FedEx for larger ones. Prices quoted here are per item. If you order a number of different items together we will calculate the delivery costs and let you know - trying to write down all the variations has given me a headache! The prices quoted above are for our standard size items. For made-to-measure items we will calculate the costs once you let us have all the details of what you would like.


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