Leads and Toys for Dogs

Dog Leads

We make dog leads from Flax rope, which is nice and soft on the hands. We make two sizes: 12mm and 8mm. They have trigger hooks spliced into the rope and the handles are also formed by splicing the rope. The ends of the splices are covered by a decorative Turk's Head knot. The knots are made using jute, hemp or cotton cord. The cotton cord is dyed in dark blue, pale blue, red or grey.

12mm leads are £18 and 8mm leads are £15.

Delivery is £2.90 per lead.

Manila Dog Toy

Buster and his rope dog toyHere Buster the dog plays with his favourite toy – a length of 32mm Manila, knotted at the ends. If you look carefully you can see that he is spinning round with just his front paws on the ground. This is definitely an outdoor toy!

A Manilla Rope like Buster's is £20.


Flax Tug Toys

We use Flax to make our figure of eight tug toys. The tug toys are made by splicing a length of rope and covering the splice in the middle with a Turks Head knot using Hemp cord. A tug toy made in 18mm Flax is approximately 45cm long.

A Flax tug toy in 18mm Flax is £12.00 plus £2.90 delivery.



Monkey's Fist Toys

Monkey's Fist knots make great toys for dogs. We make them in two sizes and two types of rope: Flax and Manila.

8mm Flax £8 plus £2.90 delivery
12mm Flax £12 plus £2.90 delivery


Knotted Rope Toys

This is Jessie playing with her knotted rope toy. This one is a length of 32mm flax knotted at each end - smaller versions are available!

A 32mm Flax knotted toy is £12.00, in 18mm it is £6.50 plus £2.90 delivery.




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