Rope Trellis

This trellis, supporting a passion flower, is made from 8mm sisal. To make the trellis the ropes are knotted where they cross and the ends of each rope are spliced to the outer ropes. We can make rope trellis in various sizes, priced accordingly. As an example, a rope trellis 60 cm wide and 1.8 metres high with a hole spacing of 20cm, made in 6mm Manilla would cost £58.67. Let us know the dimensions of the trellis you need and we will calculate the price for you.

Giant Monkey’s fist knot

This knot, used here as a garden ornament, is made from a single 10 metre length of rope. We can make monkey’s fist knots in various sizes, from tiny key rings or light pulls to bigger, weighted doorstops and this extra large decoration. We make them in Flax or Manila rope.

The giant monkey’s fist knot is £105 plus delivery.


Log Carriers

A sturdy log carrier made from Hessian cloth with soft Flax rope handles. It measures 46cm by 30cm and is big enough to bring in a small load of logs. It's easier to carry than a log basket and it folds flat when not in use.



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